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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Day Of Living!!!!

As many of you know that I had weight loss surgery on March 18th 2010.   I have lost close to 200lbs this last year and still have some to loose.  I had what is call the Duodenal Switch.  It is a very aggressive surgery but it was the one that best suited me.   I have had a weight problem all of my life but I always was what I thought in control of my life.  About 10 years ago I started having other health issues such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, which lead to Pulmonary  hypertension.  Then I started having problems with migraines and after several years they realized that I had glaucoma I lost my sight in my right eye.  On November 14, 2010 they removed my eye which was the second best thing I have done for myself.  During this time I had to quite working and I only left the house to go to church and to Dr appts, or if I did go I would wait for Jim in the car while he did the shopping or whatever.   I couldn't walk very far or do anything that I always did.  I was dying a slow death of my own making.  So over this last year I am getting my life back.  I am able to do things that I haven't been able to do for a long time.  This weekend we went to a swap meet not far from here and I walked all the way around.  Then we went to another one further from here and I walked all around it also.  Then on Sunday I sang with the praise team something I haven't been able to do for about 3 years,  after service we went to Staples and I walked all around there also.   So today my love asked me if I wanted to walk with him to the post office and library.  I said sure let's give it a try and so we did and I wasn't out of breath at all.   Yes I have had to make some life style changes but was it worth it.  Yes a thousand times yes.  Is weight loss surgery for everyone.   No!!!!! It's not.  It's not the easy way out,  for you have to change everything you know and thought you knew.    I just wanted to put it out there that there is help for us.

The first  picture was taken the night before my surgery and the second on was taken on March 13, 2011 and I have lost more since then just haven't taken any pictures. 

Now to what I have been working on.   I found this little rocking chair at a garage sale and decided to alter it and make it into a pin cushion for the stick pins that I make and swap.   I found the lace that I put on it at the swap meet that we went to this weekend.    I also got the wooden thread spool this weekend.   This was really fun to do.

 The paper on the spools is K&Co, The flowers are Recollections for Micheal's and Bling is from Hobby Lobby. Everything else is from my stash.

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