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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Farewell Daddy!!!!!

As many of you already know that my Dad went home to be with the Lord on Monday Feb 28, 2011 at 4:30 pm in his home in Dieball, TX.  He was surround by his loved ones and he was so ready to meet his maker.  His name was Donald Eugene Wilsie he was 79 years young.  On Saturday morning during one of his lucid moments he asked my brother if he could put him in the car.  My brother asked him where was he wanting to go and he said to heaven.  Well you have to know my brother,  all of our first thoughts were that if he went with Bub he was sure to make it to heaven real fast for my brother only has one speed and that is fast.   Daddy was a Master Electrician and a Minister.  We traveled a lot either for his job or starting pioneer churches.  It was a great life at times when I had to start a new school it wasn't so great but now that I am older and I look back I wouldn't trade any of it.  I learn so many things that I would not have if we had been in one place.  My Daddy was 20 years and 21 days older than me and my brother is 20 years and 1 day younger than me and yes we all share the first name Donald( mine being the feminine form).  I have two sisters also between Bud and I. We were all with Daddy before he passed.  We sang for he loved music,  he played the piano, trombone, saxophone,  harmonica, guitar just about any instrument that he could get his hands on.  He also sang. We prayed and read the word to him for that was so much a big part of his life.  My second Mom has been so good to him and I want to thank her for all the love she had to give to him.  I know that she will miss him so very much.    Just a few pictures of his life.  Love you So much Daddy and even tho you are gone from this earth you will always be in my heart.  

Thank you for letting me share a little of my Daddy with you......



Jordan Spain-Honaker said...

Thanks for allowing us all a glimpse into the man who was so influential in your life. Our prayers are with you during this time. We love you Donalda!

Diane said...

Donalda, I didn't know until reading this that your Dad went home to be with Jesus. My heart goes out to you. Even though we can rejoice when a loved one is seeing Jesus face to face, there's an empty place in our lives. I lost my minister Daddy in October. So I can relate with that mixture of joy and grief. Feel me hugging you. Love you, sister.