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Friday, October 22, 2010

Shadow Box

Again here I am saying I'm sorry that I haven't been blogging like I should. It seems that life just gets in the way. I get past one thing and something else seems to take it's place. I was diagnosed 5 years ago with Glaucoma in both of my eyes. Because of it I have lost the vision in my right eye. Last Wednesday I went to see my Glaucoma specialists and he sent me to a eye surgeon for my eye has deteriorated to the point that it has to be removed. It causes sever migraine's. I had them also when the nerve was dying but now the eye itself is becoming hard from the pressure so on Nov. 16. I will be having this done. The surgeon said that it is an out patient procedure and I will be in the Operating room for 20 min to and hour. They will remove the eye and sew it shut for one week. They will remove the stitches in one week and then in 4 to 6 weeks they will put in a prosthesis. The Dr said that it will be hard to tell that it is a prosthesis that they are so advanced to what they use to be. I know that it is the best thing for me to do because the pain is not my friend and when in pain I don't do my crafts like I want to....... I know that God is in control and he will see me through this as well. He has in all the other things in the past. So I know he knows my future. But I would appreciate all the prayers.

So that being said here is a Shadow box that I made recently.

I had a great time making it. I also made the flower and the stick pin. The flower is made from pages out of an old dictionary. You cut round circles in two different sizes then you fold them in thirds, then use your deco scissors to cut them out. Then you can use Glimmer mist or what ever to color them. I use Perfect Pearls water colors for I do not have any Glimmer mist yet. You can put what ever you want in the center. I also distressed the edges with Distress ink. I put leaves, feathers and tulle behind with a strand of pearls that I colored with alcohol ink in the color Steam. I also used it to color the pearl and a clear bead on the stick pin. So much fun. I so used some Prima flowers around the edge.
There is puzzle piece that I covered in mini beads and glitter.

Recipe: Shadow box - Dollar Tree
White acrylic paint
K&Co designer paper
Picture of 1920's Bride - I can't find it right now but it is one of the Vintage freebie sites
Rhinestone flourish - Walmart and Michaels
Flowers - By me and Prima

I have two mini albums that I have made also that I will share in the next couple of days so please check back.

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