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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Keith and Lisa Wedding Day

Our oldest son Keith got married yesterday to a wonderful young woman that I am so proud to call my Daughter. It was a beautiful day for a wedding. They had pictures taken at a local park and then at the church. The photographer was a friend of Lisa's. We are impatiently waiting for them to be finished. My DH and her father did the honors of marrying them. It was a small ceremony with just family and a few friends attending. We then went to Pino's a local Italian restaurant for the reception. We do have a few pictures that my DH and Megan Lisa's sister took and she has also edited them. They are the ones that I would like to share here.

If you are my friend or family on facebook you can see all of them in my photos.

Thanks for letting me be a proud Mom


Lisa Martin said...

Thanks for giving me the love of my life & I am just as proud to call you Mom. When my Mom died, I didn't think I would ever call anyone else Mom, but she loved you and I love you and she would be soo proud to know that you are my Mother in law. So proud. Love you & Jim with all my heart...always have! Now I just love you both all the more!

Gayla M. Baughman said...

What beautiful pictures. I can't believe it's been before September that I browsed your blog. I always enjoy coming over to visit your site. It makes me feel a little closer to you. I miss you so much afterward, pehaps it's not too healthy! I almost cried today. Guess I'm a little emotional. Keep the blog going. It's a treasure to me. Love you cuz...