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Friday, December 12, 2008

What A Fantastic Surprise

We had a wonderful surprise last Sunday morning. All of our kids were in our church for the first time in 15 yrs. Our oldest son lives in Los Angeles, in the last 6 months he has started dating our middle son's wife's sister. She lives in Columbus, Ohio so he came out to see her and they came down here to see us and his brothers and her sister. I thought that they were going to be here late Sunday evening since they were going to have lunch with her family. So our youngest son called Sunday morning wanting to talk to our pastor and I asked what for and he just made up some kind of an excuse. Then we were to take our little dog(Lucy) to the kid's house before service so that we wouldn't have to go back to Rockville. When we got there our youngest son's car and the middle son's car were in the drive way. So Jim took the dog to the door and they wouldn't let him in, but we were running late so we really did not think anything about it. So we went on to church and service started and we had worship service. Then our Pastor said that we were going to do something that we haven't done for a long time and that was to go greet two or three people that you haven't greeted for a while. So being the dutiful Associate Pastor's wife, I started down the isle to do just that. When Cheryl (our Pastor's wife) came up to me and said turn around. I did and there stood all of my kids. Talk about the tears that started to flow. OH MY !!!!! This was such a surprise and one of the greatest things was that my church family got to enjoy that moment with us. Lisa also brought hers and Amanda's nephew Ethan with them. I had the privilage to hold him when he first came home from the hospital. We were in Nebraska for my husband's mother's funeral. We have had a wonderful friendship with Lisa and Amanda's family since Kurt and Amanda have been married. The girl's mother passed away 5 years ago. She and I were great friends and I miss her so much. Megan (the youngest sister and Ethan's mom) has allowed me to call myself Noni to Ethan and my DH is Pappa to him. Here is a couple of pictures that was taken during the few day that they were here. Keith is going home on the 14th.

Keith and Lisa
Amanda and Lisa (My girl's)

Brotherly Love (Kurt works nights and he hadn't gotten much sleep)

Uncle Kurtis and Ethan

Kurtis and Amanda

These last pictures are of all of us just before they left. This is the best present that I could have wished for. THANKS KIDS!!!! Dad and I love you all so very much.
Thanks everyone for sharing a little of our surprise.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Want Some Blg Candy

Do you want some blog candy then head over CLAIRE'S BLOG
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Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We did now we are planning for next week when all of our kids will be home. I can hardly wait it will be sixteen yrs since we were all together during the Holiday Season. So this is one special year for me.
Have a great day